The values we champion at the Hellenic Heritage Foundation (HHF) are the same values that have been passed down to us by previous generations. These generations of Greek-Canadians led the way, with struggle and sacrifice, for our success as a community in Canada.

Fundraising for Hellenic educational initiatives has been at the forefront of the foundation’s mandate since its inception in 1996.

The organization has raised an astounding $16 million since its formation.

Since 1996 the Hellenic Heritage Foundation has been a key pillar in the preservation and promotion of Hellenic culture, education and heritage in Canada. We take great pride in supporting our mandate through community events, programs and initiatives that fuel the success of our charitable goals.  The video above highlights our achievements throughout the year and our impact in the community.

Language & Education

The Foundation has worked very hard to ensure that future generations of Greek Canadians have the opportunity to study our great language, culture and history.


Heritage & Culture

The Hellenic Heritage Foundation has supported a number of important cultural initiatives since its inception.


Social & Community

The Hellenic Heritage Foundation champions the values that have been passed down to us, by those generations who led the way for our success as a community in Canada.