HHF Next Generation Committee

The HHF’s Next Generation Committee (NG) is made of younger members aged 19 to 40 who share our goals of promoting Hellenism in Canada. NG events and initiatives are a place for like-minded Hellenic Canadians to volunteer, network and be mentored by HHF members.

The NG Committee hosts a number of events throughout the year including its signature event - The HHF Talks.  This event is a speaker series that aims to connect young professionals with leaders in their field and allow for networking and discussions on a number of inspiring topics. 

Each year, the HHF Next Generation (NG) Committee participates in a global fundraising movement called Giving Tuesday.

For this past Giving Tuesday, the NG Committee  decided to direct our fundraising efforts to a very special project - the Crying Rock at Algoma University.

The main campus of Algoma University was the site of the former Shingwauk Residential School. A large rock, deemed “The Crying Rock”, rests on the campus where Indigenous students would meet as a place of refuge, and to connect with peers who were suffering, where they secretly spoke their native language, and where they cried and consoled one another. Algoma University has worked closely with the Children of the Shingwauk Alumni Association in Sault St. Marie to respectfully repurpose the former residential school for the community as the university continues its expansion. Together, they have agreed to commemorate this small but very special place in remembrance, respect, and tribute. The Crying Rock will be preserved and transformed into a space for gathering and outdoor education.

The HHF and NG Committee are supporting The Crying Rock project through a member-led initiative as a community-to-community gift. Our hope is that this story and gift will spread to other ethnic and immigrant communities to further acknowledge the experiences of the residential school survivors and to continue to build on the conversation of reconciliation in Canada.

Together with matching funds from the HHF Board of Directors and Kallo Developments, the NG Committee were able to raise $30,700 towards this cause.

To contact the NG Committee, please send us an email to:  [email protected]

Or contact the HHF office at (416) 447-7107