Primary Education

The HHF is proud to support initiatives focusing on the preservation of Greek Language and Education in Canada.  Our collaboration with the Toronto District School Board, York Region Greek School Program and Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School, has enabled the HHF to contribute Greek language books and resources that are meaningful to student’s education and enhance their learning experience.

The HHF continues to engage with community partners across the country in an effort to identify and support initiatives which will keep Greek Language alive.

In an effort to ensure adequate professional development for Greek language educators, the HHF and Faculty of Education at York University developed and delivered a 36-hour certificate program entitled "Effective Teaching" – offered online, in part, to reach a broader demographic in Ontario.

The HFF-funded program, geared to teachers of elementary children, emphasized the following skills:

  1. Create learning environments where students are active participants as individuals and in collaborative groups;
  2. Display effective and efficient classroom management promoting appropriate student behavior;
  3. Design lessons that allow students to participate in empowering activities; understanding that learning is a process and mistakes are a part of learning;
  4. Identify and employ a wide variety of instructional, assessment and evaluation strategies;
  5. Create an environment where student work is valued, appreciated and used as a learning tool;

Following are some of the comments the Foundation received from participants

"Course was resourceful, fun, productive, professional, active and enjoyable."

"This module was a great opportunity to upgrade - for myself as a teacher, but also as a person, and as a mom. It was complete, clear, meaningful and interesting from beginning to end. The only thing I recommend is that all teachers have to take this course."

"(The instructor) was an exceptional teacher, prepared and organized. She put a lot of thought and care into providing information and teaching effective techniques which met our needs and the needs of our students. In 40 hours we acquired knowledge which will last a lifetime."

"This module helped me a lot and I learned so many new things and techniques which I can apply to the classroom."

"I hope other teachers have an opportunity to participate in such a course also."

"It was perfect. I loved the activities and crafts we did."