York University and the HHF have an established relationship that is committed to bringing Modern Greek studies to the forefront. Since 2004, the HHF has raised more than $3.5 million (together with matching funds from the Ontario government and York University) towards the endowment of the Hellenic Heritage Foundation Chair in Hellenic Studies and Modern Greek History which includes numerous graduate student fellowships and undergraduate student scholarships in support of Hellenic Studies at York University.

To find out how you can qualify for a graduate student fellowship, click the link below:

Hellenic Heritage Foundation Graduate Fellowship in Modern Greek History
Details on the various student scholarships at York
Information on the Hellenic Studies Chair at York University

York University has become an international hub of Hellenic studies thanks to our generous donors. It offers courses in Greek history, language, and literature.

Through the funding of the Chair at York, the foundation has created 7 undergraduate scholarships and 3 graduate fellowships. The scholarships are awarded to students taking courses in Modern Greek history, language or literature.