About Us

The Hellenic Heritage Foundation (HHF) is a national charitable, non-profit organization established in Toronto. It was founded in 1996 by a group of professional business people of Hellenic descent, with a mission to preserve, promote and advance Hellenic education, culture and heritage in Canada.

A proud member of Imagine Canada, the Hellenic Heritage Foundation has grown to become a highly respected and professionally managed Foundation that has earned a reputation for supporting organizations that encourage and provide higher education in Hellenic studies. It’s ongoing fundraising supports Hellenism in Canada, through educational scholarships and cultural initiatives.

Tony Lourakis
President - Fleet Complete
John Dagonas
Past President
Patty Keroglidis
Chris Joakim
Treasurer, MNP LLP
Helene Vassos
PR, Communication & Marketing
Vassos Law LLP
Elias Demangos
Vice-President, Fundraising - Fortigo Freight Services
Steve Mirkopoulos
Vice-President, Endowments & Projects - Cinespace Film Studios
Tula Alexopoulos
Vice-President, Governance, Board & Membership Development
Bill Arvanitis
Arvan Rehab Group
Peter Eliopoulos
Sandra Gionas
TV Ontario
Michael Lagopoulos
Paul Loukas
Advanced Combustion Inc.
John Polyzogopoulos
Blaney McMurtry LLP
John Poulos
Dominion Voting Systems
Andy Seretis
Sotos LLP
John Sotos
Sotos LLP
Effie Triantafilopoulos
Vassos Law LLP
John Vavitsas
CleanMark Group Inc
George Danos
Topiary's Steak and Seafood
Bill Kanellopoulos
Kanellopoulos Investments Ltd.
Andy Papadakos
Canada Auto Parks (Domepark)
Terry Tsianos
Pegasus Hospitality Group

Alex Alexakis
Andonis Artemakis
Anastasios Moussas
Art Mandalas
Andy Seretis
Anastasia Reklitis
Bill Tserpes
Constantine Alexiou
Chris Salapoutis
Dean Antonakes
Dan Lioutas
Georgina Blanas
Greg Kanargelidis

George Karahotzitis
Catherine Karakatsanis
George Raios
George Moumouris
George Rossolatos
George Stanois
George Yotis
Irene Keroglidis
John Dimitropoulos
John Papadakis
Jim Karahalios
Jim Vlahos
Jenny Mboutsiadis

Lana Paton
Kostas Papayiannis
Loui Pappas
Lee Polydor
Maria Daskalos
Modesto Polydor
Peter Themeliopoulos
Peter Karamountzos
Robert W. Peck
Steve Kriaris
Thomas Gerginis
Tom Zissopoulos
Vivi White


George Keroglidis
Managing Director

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